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"Our mission is to prevent the abuse and/or the theft of dogs in the State of Wyoming through promoting responsible pet ownership, community education and enhanced public and private agency communication."

This is Dixie. She was stolen from her home in Pinedale Wyoming.  Everyone please help us get her back. I have raised the reward to $500. She is a 2 year old Chessie who is a dead grass (light brown) color with a small white patch on her chest. If you know of someone who just got a dog with that description, please let us know. Call 307-367-8400. 

Alondra Ann Grover

Stolen from Pinedale Wyoming

​This is the season that pet theft escalates across many cities in Wyoming, especially along the interstate corridors. Dogs from Casper have been found in Gillette and Cheyenne, a dog from Glenrock was found in Douglas, etc. PLEASE watch your animals as the increase in unemployment has created an increase in the dog flipping industry.